Facebook is everywhere. More people are on Facebook than not. People of all ages and from all backgrounds have an account. It’s free, so all you need is Internet access. And while some people are more active on Facebook than others, everyone has the ability to open an account and see what’s out there.

Wisely, many people are very careful about what they choose to share with the world on Facebook. Others, however, share anything and everything, perhaps forgetting who they are “friends” with and how their own words might come back to haunt them.

This can be particularly true if you are involved in a family court proceeding. People will post things about disputed issues on Facebook not realizing that they are only providing ammunition to their spouse in a divorce, child support, or child custody proceeding. I once had a case where it was alleged that mom had a chemical dependency issue. She denied it. She lost all credibility, though, when confronted with her own Facebook post which read “Flunked out of treatment today!”

In another case, the father owed child support arrears and was seeking to lower his child support obligation claiming that he had no money. However, he had recently bragged on Facebook about all the money he won at the casino, and had also made reference to working at his job. Not a smart move.

Regardless of your privacy settings, you have to assume that everything you put on Facebook will be read by the other side in your family court proceeding. Think before you post. Or better yet, avoid Facebook entirely.

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