Best of the Best

When I was in the process of going through a divorce I was fortunate to have Marc Beyer handle it. From then – about 13 years ago until now – I have had to rely on Mr. Beyer many, many times about custody issues, arguments over visitation, and child support. In each and every instance I have found him to be very intelligent, knowledgeable, eloquent, driven, and impeccably prepared. He is a true advocate for his clients. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Marc Beyer.  I hit the jackpot when retaining an attorney!! You will be extremely impressed with his professionalism and the time and assistance he will provide. Mr. Beyer is an honest, scrupulous attorney. I would never even think to retain anyone else, because of his hard work and ethics. Mr. Beyer is the best of the best!!

– Molly M.

Wonderful to work with!

Marc was a great lawyer to have. He helped me get through a nasty divorce and keep what was rightfully mine. He kept things on track so the divorce was as painless as possible. I am completely satisfied with how things were settled thanks to him

– Dawn V.

Marc was wonderful

Marcus made a hard situation as easy as possible. He always made sure I understood what the different terms meant and that I knew exactly what step we were at in the divorce process. I took his advice and trusted him the entire time and I came out better than I expected when it was finished. Marcus and Katie are both excellent at what they do. Thank you so much!

– Chad O.

Difficult child custody battle

Marcus became my attorney #2 whom I had to hire because the law firm that had been representing me before, had been unscrupulously “fleecing” me out of my money and dragging my case for no reason without helping me that much in successfully resolving the matter…What a difference Marcus made! His family law expertise is pretty impressive: he’s very educated, knowledgeable, very assertive, and confident. What I valued most about him was his integrity: we made a financial agreement right from the start (and he was very honest and pretty flexible about it) and stuck to it till the very end, there were NEVER any “amendments” in the form of “hidden” or inflated charges. Being seemingly nonchalant and reserved, he DID care about my case knowing that the well-being of a pretty small child was at stake. He listened to ALL my needs, jotted them down even and did his best to help me win the case, securing thus the safety of my child and my peace of mind. What I also loved about him was that he didn’t mind working as a team with me, namely: there was no unnecessary arrogance and “I know it better than you” attitude, he always valued both my intellectual and emotional input, we worked smoothly as a team, and that was one of the reasons we succeeded. I also liked his super matter-of- factness and his ability to never lose touch with reality, to always have this unbiased and objective stance that also helped both of us, me especially, to be on the right tract, to never overdo or ruin something because of my being deeply hurt, frustrated and angry. Being badly burnt and driven close to bankruptcy with the previous frim that had represented me, and also, being emotionally exhausted, I found in Marcus that legal expertise, moral integrity and strength that helped me to successfully win the case. I’ll always remember with deep gratitude all the good he did for me and my child. I’ve also sworn and promised to myself that form this time on, I’ll help ANY woman in need of professional help who doesn’t want to be duped by an unscrupulous attorney, that’s why I’ve already referred to him a few women and will keep doing it… To put it in a nutshell, despite a very, very, sad and border-line dangerous nature of my case, I had a very positive experience working with Marcus and an extremely successful and solid outcome at the finish line of it. Thank you, Marcus, once again.

– Anna C.

Spousal maintenance reduction

At age 65, I contacted Marcus to help me with a spousal maintenance reduction regarding my ex-wife. Even though I was retired with a reduction in income, I know this was not going to be easy. In fact, I had interviewed 3 lawyers for this job along with 2 other lawyers I had used previously. I feel very fortunate I chose Marcus for this difficult task. From the beginning, he has shown such professionalism; and, I have never once been disappointed. In my case, there were years of details and financials to digest, understand and present in a meaningful way. Through lots of hard work and intelligence , he developed a very comprehensive, thorough approach. He is very smart ; and, always has good ideas. He is a hard worker, a good listener and a good communicator. Above all, he is honest, non judgmental to all and a man of character. I highly recommend Marcus and appreciate all his hard work and attention to detail.

– Bob H.

I was very pleased with the service provided by Tim Simonson

He went above and beyond to help me work through the dissolution of my 21-year marriage. He was knowledgeable, compassionate, and always available to answer questions or address concerns.

– Paige

Marc was able to help my situation in the most righteous way possible.

He was very quick to respond to all questions and emails and always kept me up to date.  He listened to my case thoroughly and made sure I fully understood all that was going on by taking the time to give details for questions not well understood.  Marc definitely represented me very well, positively strong and powerful. He isn’t just any attorney, he’s a phenomenal family attorney!  I was impressed with his work and his drive, and will definitely use him again in the future if needed.

– Sam

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