When I am hired by a client, it is usually before the divorce process has even started.  The potential client knows that divorce is a reality, and they consult with me to learn more about the process.  Sometimes they hire me at the initial consultation.  Other times, they wait a while before they start the divorce process.

Sometimes, though, I am hired midstream.  The divorce is already underway.  The client has already been to Court and/or mediation and learned that they are in over their head.  And, in other situations, the divorce is already over, the client got a result that they do not like for some reason, and they want to hire me to “fix it.”

Do not find yourself in the latter scenario.  My ability to help you is much greater if I am representing you and negotiating and/or arguing on your behalf before the case is over.  Once a Judge has made a decision, or once a divorce decree is entered, it can be very difficult to make changes.  Sometimes it can be impossible.  Do not go it alone with the thinking that you can always hire a lawyer after the fact to fix any mistakes that you may have made.  Awards of property, for example, are final upon entry of a Judgment and Decree.  Absent fraud or other extreme circumstances, it is nearly impossible to reverse property awards in a divorce decree.  The same is true with waivers of spousal maintenance.  If you agreed to waive spousal maintenance in a divorce decree, you cannot “undo” that after the fact.  Or, if the Court just made inaccurate findings of fact based upon incomplete information, even that can be difficult to reverse.

Buyer’s remorse is not a legally recognized reason for going back to Court and making changes to your divorce decree.  Judges are not impressed by arguments like “I didn’t know what I was doing” or “I just wanted to get it over with.”  If there are valid arguments to be made, the time to make them is before your divorce decree is entered.  Do not wait until the damage is done.



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Marc Beyer practices in all areas of family law, including divorce, child custody, parenting time, child support, spousal maintenance, and property division. Marc’s philosophy is to negotiate the best settlement possible, but he is prepared to go to trial when necessary. Recognizing that every situation is unique, Marc takes pride in listening to his client’s concerns, and creates goals, expectations, and case strategy for the client accordingly.

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