In Minnesota contested divorce cases, it is not uncommon that one spouse is more “interested” in getting divorced that the other spouse. But, as I routinely tell clients, it takes two to get married but only one to get divorced. So, if you have been served with a divorce petition, whether you like it or not, you are getting divorced.

What does that mean? Well, for one thing, it means that the case will move forward with or without your participation. Some people mistakenly believe (or perhaps just hope) that if they put their head in the sand and pretend that the divorce is not happening it will just go away. Not a wise move. If your spouse or their attorney asks you to produce copies of bank account statements, tax returns, and/or paystubs, for example, do not ignore these requests with the hope that it will go away. It won’t. Ignoring the requests will only make things worse. Some people don’t want to cooperate because to do so is to acknowledge that the divorce is happening. You have to get over that. The divorce will happen whether you willingly answer discovery requests or not.

So, knowing this, it is a much better idea to acknowledge reality and provide what has been asked for. You do not want to be painted as unreasonable or uncooperative. It is possible that the requests go beyond what is necessary or relevant, and they may be unduly burdensome, but probably not. During the divorce process, your life is an open book, and there is very little that your spouse cannot ask about.

Although the process is painful, you will be much better off if you accept reality and participate in the process so you can move on with your life. Don’t pretend the divorce isn’t happening.

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