You just had a matter decided in Family Court and you are not happy with the decision. You have the right to file an appeal with the help of a family law appeals attorney. Family Court Judges don’t always get it right, so an appeal of a Family Court decision should always be thoroughly considered with an experienced family law appeals attorney.

In family law appeals, a judge’s decision may be appealed by showing that:

  • the Family Court Judge failed to apply the law correctly; or
  • the Family Court Judge failed to make a decision based on the evidence

Minnesota Family Court matters are heard by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. A family law appeal must be brought within a limited amount of time, and there are very strict rules for an appeal which an experienced family law appeals attorney can help you navigate. A simple mistake can result in the family law appeal not moving forward.

Once you file an appeal, the Minnesota Court of Appeals will refer your appeal to the Minnesota Family Law Appellate Mediation program. There, participants will meet with a mediator to revisit the disputed issues decided by the Family Courts, and explore possible solutions, in a confidential setting.

During the family law appeal process, the original Family Court decision remains in effect unless a “stay pending appeal” is put in place. A family law appeals attorney can can discuss with you, whether to file a motion to obtain this stay.

When a Family Court Judge makes a decision that you don’t agree with, it is important to speak with an experienced Minnesota family law appeals attorney who can advocate for you through the appeals process. A successful appeal of a Family Court decision requires careful planning and consideration, and only after hearing the specific facts of your case can a Minnesota family law appeals lawyer determine whether there is merit to an appeal.

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