I clerked for a District Court Judge my first job out of law school. Prior to court hearings, the Judge regularly brought the lawyers back into his chambers to privately discuss the case.

In divorce cases, one of the lawyers would invariably rattle off a laundry list of complaints about the other party. The lawyer would go on-and-on about how terrible the other party was.

And the Judge often had the same response: Tens don’t marry Twos.

In other words, lawyer, if the other party is such a bad person and has done so many awful things, what does it say about your client that they married them?

If you find yourself in the middle of a divorce, you too may be tempted to highlight the perceived faults of your spouse. While it may or may not be legitimate to bring these out, understand that your credibility could be at risk, too. Are you claiming to be perfect, and only your spouse is the bad actor? Will the Judge buy that?

You may think that you are scoring points with the Judge by smearing your spouse. And maybe you are. But don’t forget, Tens don’t marry Twos.

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